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cash register systems

Unlimited Tech cash register Perth and cash register systems and software

StarrPOS With award winning software, StarrPOS ideal for both Hospitality and Retails type situations is the correct solution for your business.Come in and see what all the talk is about!


StarrOffice gives you a host of tools and features that makes managing a modern hospitality stock system far easier. With a click on the screen, you can see the current day’s sales compared to the same day last year. You can see trends, watch how terminals are trading, be notified by SMS if areas have not opened or closed on time, design your own labels, cards, tickets and much more.

Ongoing Support is the most important consideration when purchasing a computerised system. Starrtec provides a complete Hardware and Software package to its clients and StarrOffice support is available at all times for emergencies but generally during normal business hours.

From large multi-site operations to simple single terminal locations, StarrOffice is the perfect hospitality computer program. The information in StarrOffice is kept as long as you require it and can be used to provide ongoing analysis of your business and comprehensive management information.

Automatic transfers and a range of stock reports allow you to reduce stock on hand levels whilst maintaining the optimum level to avoid outages. Promotions, bundles and discount levels are all handled with ease as are the interactions with other systems such as Gaming, Loyalty, Accounting and Electronic Invoicing.

Intuitive messages from StarrOffice tell the operator what jobs need to be done. StarrOffice automatically highlights low margins and can tell staff that labels need printing and invoices that need checking.


Take the POS to your members with a Waiter Pad. Wherever they are seated you can take a drink or food order. The floor number of the gaming machine can be used to record the member’s details without having to remove the card from the machine.

With Waiter Pad, bistro guests can be seated straight away without having to queue up to place their orders.


The StarrBoard displays the Bistro menu on monitors across the venue, updating meals and prices in real-time. Menus can be planned in advance and will automatically change when scheduled. Items can be programmed to show ‘sold out’ when no more of that item are available. The layout including background images, short and detailed descriptions and prices is configurable by the user.

The versatile StarrBoard can:

  • Support RRS Feeds like ABC News, Sports etc.
  • Scrolling messages for eye catching specials
  • Multiple Pages per Schedule, Multiple Schedules for different days and shifts
  • Mask to give Image Special Effects
  • When not displaying menus, StarrBoard can be used for in-house advertising.


Handles clocking on and off of staff. Staff can also lodge requests for holidays or days off.

Integrated into StarrOffice Timesheets and Rostering.


A Touch Screen Entry Kiosk for your members – Members can swipe their card and get current number of loyalty points and/or balance remaining on their account. Promotional images and messages can be programmed to display while the kiosk is idle.


With StarrLoyalty you have the tools to reward your customers every time they visit. The system can be tailored to each location in your venue. For example, you may offer your customers a special price level in the café but in the restaurant they can only accrue points on wine purchases.

Customers can be assigned a rating grade which is then automatically updated depending on their spending. Rating grades can have price levels or points multipliers assigned to them, rewarding your most valuable customers.

The loyalty system can also be used to promote products or functions. For example, you could offer double points on a particular product this month, with the offer details being SMS’d to those customers who have approved this form of notification. With your customer’s purchase history, you can target your marketing to specific groups, again using SMS’s or email.


Specifically designed for Hospitality locations with excellent features for Bistro and Fine Dining Restaurants, Bars and Bottle Shops, the Windows based StarrPOS Touch Terminal features many advanced features that only the latest software can deliver.

    • Unlimited screen layers
    • No restrictions on PLU numbering
    • PDE connection for stock taking and transfers
    • Totally self contained terminal storing data on reliable hard drives
    • Data duplication
    • Real time loyalty
    • PC Based
    • Extremely Fast

STARRPOS – Restaurant and Food Service Terminal.

Simple to use, easy screen layouts, on-screen Restaurant floor designs showing client waiting times, reservations, customer history, loyalty, reliable Software, good support with remote access are all requirements of a modern Restaurant POS system.  StarrPOS achieves all of this.

With sophisticated data sharing and data duplication software, StarrPOS performs complex calculations whilst maintaining extremely fast and dependable operation.   With large customer modified touch screen buttons, StarrPOS provides the perfect front end for the Food Service area.   Experience has shown that Restaurant staff adapt to StarrPOS particularly quickly and the logical operation of StarrPOS makes the staff training at new installs very straightforward.


    • Each POS terminal has Duplicated Database for “Off-line” use
    • Schedule of Price Level via Periods, Location and Customer Loyalty Types and Transaction Types (eg Table/Delivery/Takeaway)
    • Sale discounts are distributed across the sale and you can discount items that are already discounted via a promotion and still perform a sale discount to the entire transaction
    • Full details are recorded of Voided items and Voided Transactions (every detail)
    • Customer Selection by Name, Mag Card, ID or Mobile #
    • Reason Codes for some transaction types
    • Alarm No Sale (triggers Duress Alarm in BO system)
    • Floor layout design with Images for Furniture (Grand Piano, Plants, Walls, Booths, Lounge Chairs) or standard grid layout.
    • Table info by single touch table image (when seated, when order, ‘Mains Away’)
    • Monitoring of Time since Seated, Ordered, Bill presented , Time since Paid – Table dirty (icon flash and change on time expired)
    • Reservations (max booking per period booking – kitchen workload management)
    • Reservations based on estimated time available
    • Optional auto SMS & /or Reservation confirm
    • Optional SMS & EMAIL reminders



    • Each POS terminal has Duplicate Database for “Off-line” use
    • Sale of loose multipacks via barcode of the single
    • Promotion prices calculated on the fly – no need to press another key at the end of the sale to get the proper price
    • Schedule of Price Level via Periods, Location and Customer Loyalty Types
    • Promotions support things like (mixed dozen, mix & match, So many for price X, So many more for different rates, i.e. variable rates depending on quantity purchased)
    • Sale discounts are distributed across the sale and you can discount items that are already discounted via a promotion and still perform a sale discount to the entire transaction
    • Full details are recorded of Voided items and Voided Transactions (every detail)
    • Customer Selection by Name, Mag Card, ID  or Mobile #
    • No need for allocation of payment to invoice at the POS.  Simply – Rcvd on Acct , $(cash, cheque, EFT etc), Charge. Live Account Balance. Payment Allocation if required can be done in the BO and within Auto Task Prompt.
    • Reason Codes for some transaction types
    • Alarm No Sale (triggers Duress Alarm in BO system)
    • Optional SMS & EMAIL reminders
    • Gaming & Loyalty
    • Gaming Customer Enquiry Function
    • Gaming Add Points Function
    • Gaming Redeem Points Function



    • Takeaway Function
    • Delivery Function
    • Delivered Function
    • Minimum Sale Amounf for Delivery
    • Delivery Charges


  • Item Query Function (by Description, Code or Category)
  • Price Enquiry
  • Open Price Item Function
  • Extensive Promotion/Discount via Item, Product Group, Price Group, Category & Location
  • Standard Weekly/Fortnightly Price Promotions
  • Void Last Function
  • Void Previous Function (by touch selection)
  • Transaction Void
  • Return Item
  • Refund Transaction
  • Hold Function
  • Recall Function
  • Customer Account function allows customer selection at any time during a transaction and pressing Charge puts the transaction on account.
  • Security Camera display on POS Touch Button
  • RFID Function for log ins
  • Log-In Function by ID and password
  • Log-Out Function
  • Sign in/out for Timesheets, Rostering
  • Multiple Cash Drawers per Terminal (hardware dependant)
  • Cashier logon/logoff tracking
  • Split Sale
  • Table Summary
  • Reservations
  • Forward booking unlimited




StarrPOS terminals are managed by our StarrOffice back-office software. This combined system offers the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to manage a wide range of products and different POS Terminal layouts across your venues, each customised to the needs of its specific location.

  • Manage and monitor all of your POS terminals from one place
  • Maintain your pricing, set up promotions, create menus
  • Powerful reporting facilities giving you all the information you need
  • Detailed stock control features tailored for the hospitality environment
  • Employee roster management
  • Integrate with accounting and supplier electronic invoicing systems
  • Implement member marketing activities, create and manage in-house events


StarrBoard displays your menu on monitors across your venue:

  • Update meals and prices in real-time
  • Menus can be planned in advance and scheduled for automatic changeover
  • Program items to indicate when ‘sold out’
  • Scrolling messages for eye-catching specials
  • When not displaying menus, StarrBoard can be used for in-house advertising
  • Also supports RSS Feeds like ABC News, Sports etc


Take the POS to your customers with a Waiter Pad. Graphical table maps allow you to take drink or food orders to wherever your patrons are seated.

Reduce queuing and increase venue efficiency – bistro guests can also be seated straight away without having to line up to place their orders.


Improve restaurant customer service with our touchscreen Kitchen Monitor system.

  • Fully integrated with StarrPOS
  • Highly visible, colour graphics
  • Real-time information enables efficient kitchen management
  • Statistical data allowing analysis of throughput and performance


With StarrLoyalty you have the tools to reward your customers every time they visit.

  • Variable rewards by Location
  • Product-based loyalty promotions
  • Manage club financial membership
  • Targeted marketing opportunities
  • Interfaces with most Australian gaming loyalty systems

StarrPatron App

A mobile phone app that connects you directly with your members. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Consider the powerful marketing opportunities:

  • Restaurant and courtesy bus bookings
  • Promote upcoming club events
  • Push notifications to members
  • Members can see their points balance
  • Stores electronic vouchers
  • The app is free to your members

StarrEntry Kiosk

Purpose-built touchscreen entry terminal provides a service to your members and allows you to know who is currently present in your venue.

  • Allows members to check their member purse and point balances
  • Shows promotional images and messages while the terminal is idle
  • Integrates with the StarrManager app, allowing management to be alerted to members that have entered the venue


Combine StarrOffice’s staff rostering features with our integrated clock-in, clock-out terminal.

  • Budget for staffing, design the roster template and allocate employees
  • Accurate records of staff attendance
  • Finger-vein ID scanner provides increased system security


Integrated Access Control System for your venue.

  • Your StarrOffice software manages permitted access times to electronically controlled doors, boom gates and other equipment
  • Allows access to specific areas of your venue to members (using member cards) or staff (using staff ID cards or RFID wristbands)
  • Provides accurate reporting of access times and integrates with the StarrManager app to alert management of specific events

StarrManager App

Allows management staff to keep their ‘fingers on the pulse’ of the venue.  Available for Apple and Android.

Key features include:

  • Graphical sales data for today by Location
  • Details of staff rostered across the venue
  • ‘My Roster’ showing personal shifts for the week
  • Live feed showing members at the venue, as well as alerts indicating VIP member attendance
  • Reporting current ‘open’ bar tabs
  • Shows restaurant reservations, menus and events


Perform routine stock management tasks more effectively and efficiently with our integrated Portable Data Terminal.  High volume, multi-location stocktakes are so much easier using StarrPDE.

Key benefits include:

  • Saving staff time and resources
  • Increased accuracy

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